Friday Humor

Ever wonder why engineers rarely run companies?


A large company is interviewing for a new CEO.  They have narrowed the candidates to an engineer, a physicist, and an accountant.  Each has been asked a series of questions covering a wide range of topics.  The interview panel tells each one that they have one final question for them.  They are told they can take as much time as they need to answer.  The final questions is what is 2 + 2?

After hearing the question the engineer thinks for a moment then asks to have the problem written down.  After a minute or two the engineer replies, “assuming all values are in the base 10 number system and given the number of the significant figures shown in the problem the answer is 4”.  The interview panel is impressed with the answer and the lead interviewer says “very good answer, please wait in the other room while we talk with the others”.

The physicist is next; after hearing the question thinks about the problem for several minutes and finally says “the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle tells us that we cannot know the exact value, position, and time of an event”.  “The more accurately we measure one the more error introduced in the others, so what was two when you asked the question may no longer be two”.  “Also, quantum mechanics tells us that objects can exist in multiple quantum states with different values simultaneously; so what was two in your quantum state may not be two in my quantum state”.  “Lastly, you have not provided units for the values so addition of the values is meaningless; however; if we assumes a hypothetical unitless universe, and assume a single quantum state, the answer is 4, within the uncertainty error bounds”.  The interviewers look at each other, smile and nod slightly and the lead interviewer says “excellent answer, very well thought out; please wait in the other room while we talk with the others”.

The accountant hears the question and without hesitation gets up, walks to windows and closes the blinds, verifies the door is fully shut and that the phone is hung up.  He sits down and leans across the table and whispers “How much do you want it to be?”.  The interviewers lean back with big smiles and the lead interviewer says “that is the best answer we have heard, when can you start?”

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